Our Story

Lille Fro is an Australian charity founded in 2008 by Sydney based lawyer, Tamara Cannon.

'LIlle Fro' is Danish for ‘little frog’. It also means ‘new beginnings in the form of a little seed’.

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Our Projects

Lille Fro goes where few others venture. Investing in the poorest of the poor. With nomadic and indigenous communities, who are difficult to reach and hard to help because of remoteness.

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Our People

To view more information on our board members, our advisors or our team click below:

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Our Partners

Meet our major donors and corporate partners who have provided ongoing support and resources to Lille Fro's projects and operations.

Our Policies

To view more on our policies on child protection, privacy & security, tax deductibility, payments, copyright, digital watermarks or tips for writing to your sponsored child, click below: