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The Greenhouse Solution

The Challenge

Ladakh is one of the highest and driest places on earth. A high altitude desert situated at 2,500 to 5,500 metres above sea level, where temperatures drop below -25°C in winter and remote villages are cut off by heavy snow for several months each year.

With a short growing season, hunger and malnutrition are a constant challenge for low-income families who often don't have enough food to last them through the long, brutal winters.

Malnutrition stunts growth and can cause permanent brain damage in children. Many kids from these remote regions have disabilities. Child mortality rates are high and life expectancy low.

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The Solution

Lille Fro’s greenhouse program helps improve the livelihood and health of isolated and marginalised communities with limited natural resources.

The aim of the project is to help communities become self-sustainable by improving on traditional farming practices to harness local renewable natural resources.

With plenty of sunshine available, passive solar architecture or greenhouses can be used to grow fresh vegetables year round. These include tomatoes and zucchini in summer and spinach, coriander and carrots in winter.


We rely on the local knowledge and skills of our implementation partners on the ground to help with project design, development, execution and monitoring.

By sharing insights and experience we have developed a skills training program which not only will increase the community's access to fresh vegetables but will also provide a sustainable food source with long-term health benefits. 

Our focus is on empowering communities at the grassroots. Women’s groups are formed to oversee the day-to-day running of the greenhouses. Taking turns to work in the greenhouse and sharing together in the profits of excess vegetables sold at market.

Community engagement, training and equity in the project is key to its success.

The process for building a greenhouse takes approximately 18 months from start to completion. 

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