Biking in the Himalayas

Spin cycle across the roof of the world

Presented by Bici Adventure

Cycle across the spectacular hinterland of the Indian Himalayas as we take you mountain biking in one of the remotest places on the planet.

From the bustling streets of Delhi we travel to the stunning and spiritual vastness of Ladakh in northern India.

At 3,500m above sea level we find the ancient and rich Buddhist culture in a land known as ‘Little Tibet”. A high altitude desert located at the junctions of the mighty Himalayas and Ladakh ranges.

This trip is big on culture and high on fresh air activity. We will visit amazing monasteries and get to know some of the local people who live in this most beautiful of backwaters.

Depending on Lille Fro’s current works, we will have a chance to lend a hand with some of Lille Fro’s grassroots projects whether it’s building greenhouses in a village or local school or teaching a class with the children.

This is a priceless experience in a region few people have a chance to visit.

Upon arriving in Leh, you not only step into another world, but you slow down a gear or two while you acclimatise to the altitude. During this time we take short trips to centuries-old spiritual sites, to help out at the local schools, and enjoy the delights of traditional cuisine.

Our cycling begins in Leh, where we take it slow and head to the outskirts of town where Buddhist prayer flags adorning village houses and white washed stupas break the monotony of the khaki-coloured landscape.

We then push our way westwards to the picturesque village of Likir, perched high above the surround moonscape valley floors below. From here, we follow the Indus River to Lamayuru, retracing the southern branch of the Silk Route that once connected Europe with the Far East. Here we stop to take in one of Ladakh’s oldest and largest monasteries dating back to the 11th Century.

Our journey is a combination of cycling, sightseeing and getting spoiled with good food and quality tents at our campsite.

We return to Leh by car and stay overnight in a hotel before heading south via Tahlang La, the world’s second highest motorable pass, to a Lille Fro community greenhouse project. Here we stay overnight in the local village, re-charging for the day ahead where you will get the chance to help villagers building their new greenhouse.

There is a side trip to visit Tso Kar, a remote saline lake, on the way back to Leh.

Trails options: On certain stages you will have the choice of riding at a leisurely pace along a sealed road or on technically more challenging singletrails. We provide vehicle support on all stages which gives you’re the option to put your bike in the van and catch a lift if you wish.

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