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Little Seeds Program

Educating Children

Education is one of the best investments any community can make towards eradicating poverty and ensuring a better quality of life.

Little Seeds is a community education program developed around anti-poverty targets to provide all children with access to a primary education.

While education is now a reality for many children in Ladakh, in remote mountain villages the delivery of education is still a challenge due to geography, isolation and a harsh climate, making it difficult to attract teachers to the region.

As a result many classrooms sit empty or abandoned. With limited boarding schools available, children from low-income families often miss out.

Through our Little Seeds program, we are working alongside local leaders and government to help bridge the gap and deliver education opportunities to remote communities where the traditional education model may not be working effectively due to challenges unique to the region. 

Our development approach is simple – In order to learn effectively, children need to be nurtured both inside and out. The program is aimed at providing necessities needed for children to learn in a positive, safe and warm environment in which they can thrive.

Key facets of Little Seeds Child Education Programs include:

Education has the potential to change the trajectory of lives for kids living in poverty and is a basic human right.