Community Development Program

Skills Training for Adults

Working within the framework of education we believe that by extending learning opportunities and skills training to the broader community we can, at the same time, help address other Millennium Development Goals: to cut poverty, hunger and disease, promote gender equality, reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

Lille Fro proudly supports local NGOs and community groups.

Working with community leaders, womens alliance groups and local organisations, we are sharing insights and experience to develop skills training programs which will increase the community's access to a sustainable livelihood, education, social services and health care.

We are guided by respect for local communities, their environment and preservation of their traditions and way of life from which we can learn a great deal.

Community Fund

Our Community Fund administers our skills training program and learning initiatives aimed at improving the everyday lives for adults living in remote villages.

The fund currently pays for the design, development, monitoring and implementation of our greenhouse project. It will also pay for any future skills and community based learning programs for adults. 

The Community Fund is supported by funding from our greenhouse project and general donations.

Find out more about our Greenhouse Project.