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Sponsor a Child

For $96 AUD a month you can make a lasting difference to a child living in extreme poverty in one of the remotest parts of the world.

When you sponsor a child with Lille Fro, your contribution will go towards supporting our Little Seeds child education program which helps to provide community-based education to disadvantaged children from Lille Fro's sponsored villages.

Our approach to development is simple - In order for a child to learn effectively, it needs to be nurtured both inside and out. This means having a roof over their head, being well-nourished and feeling safe in a warm and engaging environment in which they can thrive.

Little Seeds helps to remove the barriers of entry into the education system for disadvantaged children from low-income communities. Our aim is to level the playing field and support these children in reaching their full potential.

By sponsoring a child, you are helping to bridge that gap. To provide children from our sponsored villages with everything needed in order to get to school and receive an education that's both meaningful and respectful of their rich cultural heritage.

How it works

Working alongside local partners and government, we have identified low-income communities in extremely remote areas where the traditional education model is not working effectively. This is largely due to isolation, geography and the ongoing challenge of attracting qualified teachers to such challenging regions.

We don't build schools, rather we partner with existing schools which are reputable and have a track record in delivering a basic quality education. Our partner schools are credible and professionally run organisations which strive to deliver a comprehensive syllabus in accordance with government standards while at the same time, maintaining a strong focus on preserving and cultivating local culture, traditions and the Ladakhi mother tongue.

Our program is designed around anti-poverty targets aimed at achieving universal primary education for boys and girls alike no matter where they live.

Little Seeds is a holistic program which recognises differences. We understand the hopes and needs of nomadic communities which move around the plains 8 times a year, differ greatly from those challenged by high altitude where they are snowed-in for months at a time. Our education program is designed to provide all children enrolled with everything needed to get to school and get the most out of it.

While this differs from case to case, generally this will include: placement at a residential hostel; 3 nutritious meals a day; access to basic healthcare; assistance with essential schooling costs such as tuition, uniform, books and transport; shoes; clothing and bedding. In addition, we offer schools remedial assistance, capacity development and teacher training together with other education initiatives such as invaluable learning through our indigenous skills program.

Little Seeds is implemented throughout our local partner schools in consultation and collaboration with teachers, community leaders and families.

In order for families to be engaged in and supportive of their child's development, we ask that families or their communities contribute a small amount towards program costs where possible. This active and inclusive participation has seen tremendous results and is truly rewarding for the child's family to be part of his or her education.

Become involved

By sponsoring a child, your funds are invested in our Education Fund which supports the design, development and implementation of our Little Seeds Child Sponsorship Program across partner schools. We would love you to be part of the Lille Fro family.

Find out more about becoming a sponsor.

Support a child in his or her education - one of life's few gifts which once received can never be taken away.