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Becoming a Sponsor

Sponsorship Can Change a Life Even Beyond Childhood.

Being small and growing up in the shadow of the Himalayas can be hard. Living conditions and the feeling of isolation can often be extreme.

The gift of an education is more than an opportunity to learn. It is about future choices. It is also about friendship. 

Knowing there is a friend on the other side of the mountains who cares and is willing to invest in your future. Knowing you are never really alone can mean a great deal to a child. Likewise, the benefits of sponsorship works both ways.

Read A Child's Perspective

Our Sponsors

We care about our sponsored children. We know their families personally and have seen their conditions first hand.

Equally, we care about our sponsors. We are looking for incredible people –individuals, families, schools or businesses - who want to support these little people. Who want to be part of their lives and will stand by their sides throughout their schooling.

We understand financial circumstances do change, however, before deciding whether you would like to sponsor a child, please consider this as a long-term commitment.

The average age for finishing school in Ladakh is approximately 18 years old. Please take this into account when selecting your child’s preferred age.

If the long-term thing is not for you, please feel free to donate to our Little Seeds program.

Read A Sponsor's Perspective

How it Works

The cost of sponsoring a child is $1150 per year. On becoming a sponsor, you will receive a sponsor pack with details of your sponsor child.

Each year you will receive a letter from your sponsored child letting you know how they are going together with drawings, their exam results and a photo.

The children love writing letters. Even more, they love receiving them. We really encourage you to write back and be part of their lives. As well, we really hope that one day you will be able to visit.

Please see our Tips on Writing to Your Sponsored Child, visits abroad and information regarding our Child Protection Policy.