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Indigenous Skills Program

Education must be meaningful and relevant. It must respect local values and traditions. 

This is something Lille Fro is committed to upholding by investing in an indigenous skills program which will give kids the practical tools they can take back to their villages. Skills which can be passed on and which can help improve the quality of everyday life.

Why we believe in this project

Granted a rare opportunity by the Indian government to visit sealed off areas where few have ventured, we feel privileged to have been granted permission access to these extraordinary places and work alongside indigenous nomadic communities whose ancient cultures and traditions have remained unchanged for centuries.

We understand the importance of trying to help preserve these ancient cultures and traditional way of life and we recognise the role education plays in this process.

Project aims

Lille Fro is partnering with local leaders and organisations to design an indigenous skills program to be implemented across schools. Teaching children practical and relevant skills which they can take back to their villages. We are starting with the implementation of our greenhouse program for children.

The project aims are as follows:

  • To educate children and teachers about health, nutrition, solar design, sustainable gardening practices and harnessing local natural resources.
  • To improve the children’s health and well-being by providing schools with a sustainable resource to provide nutritious vegetables which can be used for midday meals (as required in India) and in the school’s hostel.
  • To create a sustainable and scalable program which we hope can be eventually introduced in the school curriculum.
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This is a long term project for which we are currently seeking funding. Please contact us to discuss how you can help us achieve our funding milestones.

This is a long term project for which we are currently seeking funding.