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Carmel Mulvany


Carmel has over 25 years experience creating and managing strategic communications and advising high-profile business leaders and public figures on global issues. She has held executive positions at the United Nations and World Vision and is currently a consultant with Alt Beatty Associates, specializing in international development.

Prior to this, Carmel was Head of Media and Public Affairs for World Vision where she was instrumental in bringing the 63rd annual UN NGO Conference on Global Health to Australia for 2010.

At the United Nations, she created the UN Works Programme, developing groundbreaking partnerships with media networks, celebrity advocates, NGOs, foundations and corporations to engage the public on global issues. She worked with the Secretary-General’s office to position the Millennium Summit, which adopted the Millennium Development Goals and on major UN Conferences in the United States, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Carmel is an advisor to the UN Office for Partnerships and is also a board member of PACT, a US and UK based charity to protect children. She is a graduate of the University of Melbourne.

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