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What We Do

The Challenge

The Himalayan region of Ladakh in northern India is one of the most spectacular and remote regions on the planet. At 11,500 feet, it is also one of the highest and driest habitable places on earth. 

Isolation has preserved a unique culture. It has also meant remote communities sometimes lack access to basic needs such as education and health care.

In the mountain villages of Ladakh the delivery of education is still a challenge, due to geography, remoteness and harsh climate.

For half the year, many villages are cut off by long freezing winters. Hunger and malnutrition are a constant challenge. As the growing season lasts only 4 months, low-income families have a poor diet and insufficient food to last them through the winters. What food they do have often lacks the nutrients required to be healthy.

This is where Lille Fro works.

Our Work

Lille Fro goes where few others venture. Working some of the world’s lowest income groups, many from nomadic communities who are difficult to reach and hard to help because of geographical isolation and conditions in which they live. 

Since visiting the region in 2008, we’ve been working towards improving conditions for families living in remote communities. Helping to end the cycle of poverty through education.

Our projects include:


Assisting with the delivery of education to remote communities. This includes our Child sponsorship and shelther program Lille Fro House.


Teaching parents how to grow fresh vegetables through the funding of community greenhouses at high altitude.


In 2010, following the mudslides which devastated much of Ladakh, Lille Fro was on the ground providing emergency relief.

While efforts are still ongoing today, our work to date includes:

  • airlifting water purification units to disaster relief camps, each capable of pumping 100,000 litres of clean drinking water a day
  • co-ordinating volunteer relief efforts on the ground
  • providing emergency response including first aid, food, clothes, shelter, medical and financial support for flood victims
  • supporting children and orphans affected by the disaster through our Little Seeds program 
  • building a fresh drinking station at the local hospital
  • repairing and refurbishing hostel facilities at one of our partner schools damaged during the disaster.

Our Partners

Lille Fro proudly supports local organisations and government.

We rely on the skills, knowledge and expertise of our implementation partners and affiliates on the ground. 

Our projects are community based. Designed, developed and implemented by community for community.