A personal pilgrimage to laidback Ladakh

By Susan Bredow 2 February 2015

WE SIT to eat under the fruit-laden boughs of apricot and apple trees, waiting for dishes flavoured with creamy masala sauces, plates of neatly chopped salad vegetables and chapatti bread straight from the tandoori oven across the yard.

Read Susan Bredow's beautiful piece on her journey to Ladakh - A personal pilgrimage to visit her Lille Fro sponsor child.


Published by Herald Sun, Escape on 02 February 2015

Good Weekend, Fairfax

A Perilous Walk

By John Zubrzycki, 17 May 2014

"In the Indian Himalayas, children may no longer have to risk their lives simply getting to school thanks to the efforts of one Australian woman."

"Education has a powerful effect not only on the child, but also the fmaily and village", says Lille Fro Founder Tamara Cannon.

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Published by Fairfax in the Good Weekend on 17 May 2014


Christian Science Monitor

Long journey to better education in India's Himalayas

By John Zubrzycki, 17 May 2014

"Australian aid worker Tamara Cannon says the organization works closely with local government and village leaders to help supplement the traditional education model where it is not working effectively.

“Education… is such a basic human right for any child and has a powerful effect,” Ms. Cannon says. “Not only on the child, but also the family and village in terms of breaking that generational cycle of poverty."

Read CSM article by Zohn Zubrzycki.

Published by the Christian Science Monitor on 11 May 2014

Edible Garden Design

Jamie Durie:

By Jamie Durie, October 2013

"The Lille Fro greenhouse program is an inspiration to people living in harsh conditions all over the world"

Read a snippet from Jamie's book "Edible Garden Design" featuring Lille Fro.

Horticultural Media Association

Greenhouse Growing In Remote India

By Karen Shaw, December 2013

Karen Shaw from Horticultural Media Association interviews Lille Fro Founder, Tamara Cannon on greenhouse growing at high altitude and Lille Fro's community program in the Himalayas.

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Australia-India Focus

Lille Fro Foundation

In 2008, Tamara Cannon, a former corporate lawyer based in Sydney, sent an email to a group of friends telling them about Pema, a little girl she had just met off the beaten track while on a climbing trip in the Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh, India. 

Published by the Australia-India Council & Australia India Trade Business Council July 2010

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