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Our Story

From Lille Fro … Big Things Grow

'Lille Frø' is Danish for ‘little frog’. It also means ‘new beginnings in the form of a little seed’.

There is an expression in Danish:

If you plant a little seed, sprinkle it with love, talk to it and it show you care, let it know you are there,
undoubtedly a beautiful tree will grow.

Planting the Seed

Lille Fro Foundation (Lille Fro), is an Australian charity founded in 2008 by Sydney based lawyer, Tamara Cannon

On one climbing trip in the north of India, Tamara met a little girl living in destitute circumstances. Like many children in her village, this child had never been to school. Tamara decided to pay for her education.

Seeing first hand the difference she had made to this child's life through the simple gesture of sponsorship, Tamara realised she could not turn her back on other children in similar circumstances. The seed had been planted and Lille Fro had begun.

What We're About 

Lille Fro is non-religious and non-political. We are small and hands on.  

Our aim is to help break the cycle of generational poverty for the lowest income groups living in extreme conditions in some of the remotest parts of the world through education.

Our projects have now touched the lives of thousands. Reaching some of the remotest corners of the globe.