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The UN's Millennium Development Goals are a set of time-bound principles adopted by the World's leaders in 2000 to help reduce global poverty by 2015.

Goal 2- Universal Education is aimed at ensuring that by 2015 children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

education fund

The primary focus of our Education Fund is to provide scholarships for destitute, marginalised and impoverished children from remote regions. To give them the opportunity to go to school and receive the primary education they may otherwise miss out on.

The Education Fund administers our sponsorship program and pays for the needs of our sponsored children such as tuition, board, uniform, books and health care.

It also pays for the design, development, implementation and monitoring of our current initiatives and any future education programs for children.

The Education Fund is supported by contributions from our child sponsorship program and general donations.

our goal

Our goal is to make education a reality for 500 children living in destitute circumstances by 2015.

This will not be possible without your support through donations, which will help us achieve our funding milestones and child sponsorship.

It is possible to make a difference. It is a choice.